Here are some suggestions to help make your hunting experience an enjoyable one.


At some point your guide will request that you load your rifle. NEVER have your rifle loaded unless your guide has requested it. ALWAYS have your gun pointed in a safe direction with the safety ON when following your guide. It is almost impossible to regain the trust and respect of your guide if you accidentally point a loaded firearm at him.


We are often asked what the guidelines are for tipping your guide. A basic rule is to figure on 5% - 10% of the base cost of the hunt, excluding trophy fees, license fees, tax etc. If you want to tip more than that - go ahead! Your guide will appreciate the recognition.

EXAMPLE: Interior Black bear - $400 - $600; additional animal - add $200 - $300

Mule deer  -$400 - $600; additional animal add $200 - $300

Cougar - $700 - $1,000; additional animal add $200 - $300

Shot Placement, Wounding Policy & Game Retrieval

Our business is built on successful hunts and satisfied clients. Therefore, it is important to be honest with yourself and your guide as to your shooting and hunting abilities. At the beginning of your hunt your guide will counsel you as to the preferred shot placement for your chosen species. Please keep an open mind to this advice and let go of any preconceived theories you may have as to how to hunt any of the animals in our concession. Rule # 1. Listen to your guide.

If the unthinkable occurs and an animal is lost, it is entirely your guide's call as to whether or not your hunt continues. If your guide feels that the animal's wounds are not life threatening, you will be able to continue to hunt that species.  On the other hand, if your guide feels that the animal will die as a result of its wounds, you will be expected to make every effort to locate the animal. Should you and your guide  not be able to locate the animal, the hunt for that species will be called off. You may continue to hunt for another species assuming you have a tag for it, but not for the same species that was lost.

Be assured we will continue to search for the lost animal long after you have left and will send it to you if we are successful in locating it.

There are no winners with a lost animal, especially not the animal, yourself or our company. This is a partnership. Please don't take any undue risks with shots. We would much prefer that you pass on a shot and go after another animal than have a lost animal. Be assured that we don't over use our area and have plenty of animals to hunt