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Sheep season starts on September 20th and runs through until the 20th of October.

Rolling grassland hills interspersed with sagebrush and almost vertical rocky escape cover makes ideal habitat for California bighorn sheep. Ranging in weight from 180 to 220 pounds, mature rams are known for their wide flaring horns and heavy bases.

Habitat loss, overhunting and disease introduced by their domestic cousins in the 1950's and 1960's proved nearly fatal for California bighorn sheep populations in B.C. With an estimated low of 1200 animals in 1960, sheep populations have reached historic highs to date with a current population estimate of nearly 5,000. Habitat protection, predator control and sound wildlife practices are contributing factors in this success story. In fact, since buying this concession in 2006, we have been fortunate enough to maintain a 100% harvest record on our rams.

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