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Mule Deer Hunts start September 1st and end by December 10th.

Fraser River Outfitters offers clients a wide variety of mule deer hunting options. Whether it's an early season, high alpine backpack hunt for trophy bucks or an October non trophy (meat) hunt with kids or buddies, high mule deer populations and lots of action always makes for an exciting adventure.

Both our September and October hunts can be combined with an interior black bear or sturgeon fishing on the mighty Fraser River.

These hunts are a fantastic way to introduce the younger generation to the great sports of hunting and fishing.

Columbia Blacktail Deer Hunts start September 10th and end by December 15th.

Columbia blacktail deer populations along the coastal regions of southern British Columbia and Vancouver Island are flourishing. Not to be confused with their California cousins, these deer are genetically closer related to the Sitka blacktails of Alaska and the Queen Charlotte Islands. Making their homes in the heavy underbrush and old growth forests, mature bucks can challenge even the most seasoned deer hunting veterans.

The blacktail rut begins mid to late October, offering hunters the best opprotunity to take home a trophy buck.